Our story

It might be hard to believe, but just 4 years ago Alpine Nation was a one-woman show. Hi, I'm Sandra, the founder of Alpine Nation.

Back in 2019, I got fed up of looking for outdoor clothing that combined three things:

  • was tailored to the female shape
  • looked good
  • was made from high quality technical materials.

I saw women out in the mountains wearing gym clothes, which combined the visual and feminine aspect, yet were lacking the technical features we need for outdoor activities. So, I decided to start my own brand of outdoor clothing tailored especially to the needs and wants of outdoor women.

It all began with leggings

When sharing my adventures on social media, my followers would most often ask me where I find outdoor leggings - ones that are durable enough to withstand the rigours of the mountains and look flattering at the same time. I realized that I didn't own any. After months of scouring the internet to try to find some, I decided to simply make my own.

I tested countless materials - they were either easy to rip, didn't have enough compression or would pill easily. After over a year of failed attempts, the first Hiker leggings saw the light of day.

The experts on outdoor leggings

After the first "Hiker " leggings became a hit, I began thinking outside the box. Yes, they were great for warmer days, but what would I wear in the winter? Could I make different types of leggings, so I could wear them year-round?

After realizing I wasn't the only one who couldn't find winter leggings with traditional outdoor brands, the collection of winter leggings expanded. That's how our Pro Winter and APEX Winter leggings were born. They remain our best-selling products to this day.

The journey began in my living room

In the beginning, I ran the business from my living room. I was wearing many hats - product development, marketing, logistics, customer service, modelling, sourcing, website development - you name it.

On my first Black Friday Sale my entire family came to help pack in my living room. It is one of my fondest memories.

Co-creating products

When my growing community realized that I took their feedback seriously and ended up producing items that they suggested, I got increasingly more product suggestions. Items, that women found were missing in the outdoor industry or hadn't been made with regards to the female shape and wants. My collection quickly grew from just leggings to technical hoodies, merino tops, sports bras and shorts, all made according to community feedback.

No two series are the same

What makes us different from traditional brands? We get feedback directly from our community. Most brands sell via retailers and any feedback on the products doesn't reach the product development team. I (Sandra) personally read all our emails and messages on social media, as well as design new products, so you can be sure that your feedback is being taken into account.

Where are we now?

My dream of reaching outdoor women worldwide and creating products tailored according to their wishes is slowly becoming a reality, we are one step closer each day. We are still a small team, but we are fully committed to providing the best products for outdoor women on the market.