Sourcing our materials

Our first leggings were made in Pakistan. While a few of our products are still made there today (primarily because it is difficult to find suppliers with very specific types of manufacturing technologies locally), we started producing the majority of our products locally. 

One of our core principles has always been to create products that are of the highest quality and luckily, the highest quality fabrics for outdoor use are produced in the north of Italy, only a short distance from our company headquarters. We source most of our materials there. 

Small-scale production in EU

At first we shipped the materials to Slovenia and sent them to local manufacturing facilities to turn them into finished products. However, the local sewing manufacturers in Slovenia tend to be very small scale mom and pop type of businesses and could not scale to meet our growing demands. That is why in 2023 we moved most of our production to neighbouring Croatia, which is still only an hour's drive away. There, we have access to larger factories that have been producing high quality outdoor apparel for well known brands for decades. We can now safely say our manufacturing is as local as it can possibly be. 

Reducing our ecological footprint

Being located so close to our factories significantly reduces our ecological footprint, as does sourcing raw materials from neighbouring Italy.

Of course it is not only about reducing the carbon footprint. Having most of our suppliers and manufacturers only a short drive away also means that we can visit them often. That way, we can see the conditions in the factories for ourselves and make sure that the workers there are fairly paid and respected. If there are any problems in the manufacturing process, we can discuss them in person directly with the managers or the workers and make sure we end up with a high quality product. The factories where we produce our products are usually family-owned and we also personally know the owners and have a great relationship with them.

Top-notch quality

Being located just a few hours away from our producers significantly reduces our ecological footprint, while allowing us to closely oversee quality control and quickly adapt to any design modifications or production needs.