Our leggings 101

As our leggings collection expands, it's harder to keep track of the differences between each type of legging. We're here to help! Follow the guide below for everything you need to know about Alpine Nation (and Alpine Princess) leggings.

Hiker Leggings

Sold under our original brand - Alpine Princess. Our best-selling and most loved performance fabric. These compressive leggings are the full package - lightweight, quick-drying, durable and breathable. Added bonus? The compressive fabric is form flattering and hides any imperfections and will have you conquering peaks in full confidence!

They come in a variety of designs, we're sure you'll find your favorites, no matter which style you prefer.

Material: 73% Polyester, 23% Elastane

Fit: Tight fit, Compressive

Perfect for: Hiking, Climbing, Trail Running

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Summit leggings

We like to call these "beauty and the beast". Our most flattering, elegant leggings, yet they boast the most durability of the bunch.

While they look good enough to accompany you on a city stroll, don't let their elegance fool you. Our Summit leggings are made from a compressive material with a special, abrasion resistant weave that will withstand your toughest adventures.

Boasting additional features like a drawstring and two pockets large enough to fit your phone, these are for sure a staple in any outdoor woman's wardrobe.

Material: Summit (71% Polyester 6.6, 29% Elastane)

Fit: Tight fit, Compressive

Perfect for: Hiking, Running, Climbing, Everyday wear

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Rise Thermo leggings

Brushed on the inside, DWR treated on the outside, these are the perfect choice for chilly, dry days when the temperatures are not too low and the winds are not too strong. One of our comfiest fabrics and fits, you can go directly from trail to city and no-one will ever notice you haven't changed in between!

They're perfect for winter adventures, but these will be your go-to choice for chilly autumn and spring days as well. Definitely an all-rounder.

Material: StayWarm (78% Polyester, 22% Elastane)

Fit: Tight fit, Compressive

Perfect for: Winter hiking, Winter running, Cross-Country skiing, Aprés-hike

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Pro Winter leggings

Our winter best-seller. Need the warmth and rugged features of hiking pants, but love the comfort and stretch of leggings? Our Pro Winter leggings combine the best of both worlds.

Water resistant, windproof, warm and very comfortable, we guarantee these will become a staple for cold and windy winter activities.

Due to their windproof membrane, they are a bit warmer than our Rise Thermo leggings. The material is rugged, but might pill or rip in close contact with rocks, so we don't recommend them for hikes with a lot of rock climbing involved (for those hikes we recommend our APEX leggings).

Material: 88% Polyester, 7% Elastane, 5% Polyurethane

Fit: Tight fit, Compressive

Perfect for: Winter hiking, Cross-Country skiing, Snow-shoeing

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APEX leggings

Our most technical leggings yet. They will keep up with any of your winter adventures: comfortable, warm and lightweight, these robust leggings offer maximum protection on the mountain. 

Our APEX leggings are warm, windproof, breathable and highly water resistant (water column of 10.000 mm). The brushed inner side of the fabric is soft and comfy against your skin and retains body heat. That means you can wear the APEX leggings on most winter days without the need for a base layer.

They're also ski boot compatible - the last winter leggings you'll ever need!

Material: main: APEX (88% Polyester, 7% Elastane, 5% Polyurethane), inserts: Heat Tech (78% Polyester, 22% Elastane)

Fit: Normal

Perfect for: Mountaineering, Ski touring, Skiing, Winter hiking

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